About Us

Replantable was founded in 2015 by Ruwan Subasinghe and Alex Weiss after they realized the flaws in our industrialized food system. Produce is currently treated like any other manufactured good: optimized for production and distribution efficiency and not for flavor and freshness. Unfortunately for consumers, that means choosing to grow less-nutritious varieties (like Iceberg lettuce), shipping vast distances, and covering the produce in chemicals used to increase yields and shelf life. 
We hope that by making growing your own food as easy as making a cup of coffee, we can encourage people to grow their own. We're convinced that growing food right where it's going to be eaten will be good for taste, good for health, and good for the environment. 
Our Team:
Ruwan Subasinghe
Ruwan Subasinghe - Founder
Alex Weiss
Alexander Weiss - Founder
Haley Eskew
Haley Eskew - R&D
Ching Lu
Ching Lu - R&D
Aly Maser
Aly Maser - Marketing