Wasabi Arugula Microgreens

Wasabi Arugula Microgreens

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A sharp, tangy bite and then the nose-tingling and complex flavor of freshly-grated wasabi paste is what you'll get if you take even a tiny bite of this green. This natural variety was created over many generations of selection, each time choosing the spiciest arugula plants.


Since it tastes so similar to freshly-grated wasabi, it can be used as a substitute in many dishes. Be careful eating it on its own, but it really shines when sprinkled on asian dishes.


Wasabi arugula microgreens have similar nutritional value to arugula microgreens, including Vitamins A, C, K, iron, and calcium, but you won't likely be eating enough of these spicy greens for it to weigh in nutritionally. 

As always, no GMOs , no pesticides , no herbicides

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