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Also known as spinach mustard, it has a very mild mustard-like spiciness and a texture similar to spinach or bok choy. Its leaves are semi-firm and succulent and its stalk is sweet and crunchy.


Tatsoi can be used in place of spinach in many dishes, adding a bit more character than spinach. It wilts and cooks down similarly to spinach or bok choy. Tatsoi is delicious steamed, sauteed, or boiled, and its mild flavor compliments chicken, seafood, and tofu. 


By weight, Tatsoi contains more Vitamin C than oranges, and twice as much calcium as milk. Like other Brassica vegetables, it is a great source of carotenoids. Since carotenoids are fat-soluble, they should be eaten with fats to ensure absorption.

As always, no GMOs , no pesticides , no herbicides

All Plant Pads are biodegradable and compostable