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Discover the flavors that store-bought produce has been hiding from you.

Set and Forget

Fill the tray with water, insert a plant pad, and harvest when ready. No watering, weeding, or fertilizing.

Honest Food

Know what's in your food. With the nanofarm, there are no GMOs, no pesticides, and no herbicides.

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What seems to set this countertop growing unit apart from some of the others we've seen is its focus on simplicity.


To make the device even more appealing, the folks at Replantable constructed the Nanofarm out of extremely durable materials.

Digital Trends

One of the big advances is that the Replantable nanofarm, unlike some other indoor growing systems, requires virtually no maintenance. 

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Unlike some similar indoor kits for growing food, the Nanofarm doesn't require any other interaction.

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